The PCG. That's it... for now.

Nov 2, 2022
You don't need Action Man's eagle eyes to have noticed there's not been much activity here during 2022, bar the listing of the latest comic book releases.

Things inevitably run their course and it's been 15 years - to the day! - since I first posted under the banner of Paradox Comics Group. That's much longer than I thought it would last and many words have appeared here (and on the previous site) since that day from both myself and my various excellent collaborators.

This isn't necessarily the end, I just felt an acknowledgment of some sorts with regards to the lack of new content was required in case anyone was wondering. Comics are still being enjoyed tremendously, that's not changed, but time and motivation to write about them (and other things) perhaps aren't there to the same level as they once were.

The site(s) will remain open for as long as I remember to pay the annual subscription(s) as there are 15 year's worth of articles that don't deserve to disappear completely. But just don't expect to see anything new here. For now, at least.

Paradox Comics remains open for business of course so there's no change on that front - please continue to buy all your comics and related-merchandise from Andy!

Thank you for all your support over the years and do bear in mind we may not be gone from here forever.

It's not game over then, it's on indefinite pause instead.

In the meantime, continue to face front, True Believers!


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