January Previews - Firing Forwards into 2022

Nov 27, 2021
Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #1

If you're dreading the January dark and cold, take a squizz at what the PCG team are lining up to warm their cockles as the new year settles in...

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Joe Hill's Rain #1


Matt: With the release Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #1 it's definitely time to dig the original series out of the longboxes for a re-read/refresher as it's been a long time coming. So long, in fact, that I assumed we'd seen the last of it, but almost two decades later creators Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco have caught me off guard with its return. The original, set in an alternate Earth full of magic during World War One was delightfully inventive and thrilling... at least that's what I remember anyway! It's been a while. I do recall enjoying it very much, and wishing there was more to come, so news of its imminent return is most pleasing indeed.

Jo: Joe Hill's Rain #1 adapts a novella by the titular author, crafted by David Booher - if you're aware of Canto, tales of diminutive chubby knight-like characters in a fantasy realm, you've seen his work. The 'rain' of the title is formed from shards of crystal slivers, razor-sharp and deadly, showering down on the world of leading characters Honeysuckle and Yolanda. Sci-fi which plays on the 'change one thing about physics and explore the results' approach is a bit of a niche favourite of mine so I'll be checking this out - the artist Zoe Thorogood is new to me and I'm hoping her work is a good match to Booher's magical creativity.

Apache Delivery Service #1

James: One of the most striking miniseries of recent years was Grass Kings, the collaboration between Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins. Naturally I am going to pick up any new work between the two, and I'm suitably excited and intrigued by Apache Delivery Service #1. With a plot that (seemingly) shares some themes with Spike Lee's recent film Da 5 Bloods, this series sees two on a hunt for a missing treasure trove in the jungles of Vietnam. However, the book adds in witches guarding the treasure deep in caves, and the two protagonists pursued by a serial killer! I'd be buying this if it was Matt Kindt alone, but with Jenkins back on the art, I'm confident this one will be kicking off 2022 in stellar fashion.

Jo: The sample art caused the "wait, go back to that" as we flipped past Cursed Pirate Girl: Devil's Cave #1 in this month's Previews. Usually, I will admit, I wouldn't be immediately drawn to a book which is a sequel to something I haven't experienced, about pirate, curses, devils and demons BUT I urge you, click on the link here and go and check out the Previews 'Prevue' pages: the level of detail Jeremy Bastian (both writer and artist) crams into each page is absolutely astonishing, and for fans of inventive architectural lettering, I really think this is one worth taking a look.

The Fourth Man #1

Jo: The AWA Upshot imprint just keeps on pumping out novel idea after novel idea - I am fast becoming a super-fan for their output. The Fourth Man #1 is the newest of these, apparently inspired by a true crime story, this promises a 'dark comedy mystery thriller' - that's four ticks on my list right there - based around duelling car dealerships. Jeff McComsey broke out for me writing Grendel, Kentucky, a series which I think suffered disproportionately from a very weird release schedule but was a great story well told, and I recently raved about his work on ET-ER in our October Mini Reviews so I'm confident he has comedy chops as well as gritty storytelling skills. 

Silver Surfer Rebirth #1

Matt: No Marvel event can come along without bringing a bunch of peripheral series with it, and such is the way of things that these days if the main pitch grabs me I'll generally stick with just the central series. As it's a continuation of Chip Zdarsky's excellent run on Daredevil I will of course be picking up the Devil's Reign miniseries but Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1 also makes the grade as it's written by Zdarsky too and features Elektra Natchios in the Daredevil guise, which has been a main feature of recent issues of the ongoing book. It feels like it will more essential than most event spin-offs are.

Jo: Silver Surfer Rebirth #1 is going to be something undeniably special. Ron Marz and Ron Lim reunite for a story set during their original run on the character and, if the range of covers are a taste of what the series will bring, this is going to be truly spectacular. The Reality Stone has been stolen and the thief is playing dangerous games, bringing Captain Mar-Vell back to life and prompting the Surfer to bond with, of all possible weird team-ups, Thanos! The chrome-muscled dude teamed with the craggy-chinned purple Titan? Count me IN. 


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