The PCG Version 2.0

Jun 24, 2020
The PCG logo in front of a scene showing a fireworks party

A reboot? A relaunch? A rebirth? A re-imagining?

Let's just call it a recharge.

I've covered much of this already in the final post on the original site and, yes, we're not done yet but we're not going to be quite the same either.

The weekly reviews, the comic book movie write-ups, the heads up on the week's new releases, the advance alert of great stuff coming soon... we feel we've taken that as far as we can over the last twelve plus years and now it's time for something a little different. You'll see variations of the aforementioned here - we've not given up on new comics by a long shot - but we're broadening our horizons a bit, not in terms of what we like but rather what we want to write about.

So no, we won't be just writing about comics any more - books, movies, video games, TV, music... anything that inspires us really, but it'll be stuff we're passionate about - and we want to share that passion with others, of course.

A selection of articles are live already and should provide a taster of what's to come, and we have a lot more in the pipeline. Some of the topics will be familiar to those who've stuck with us for a while but much will be different - we hope to continue to provide entertaining, enlightening content, no matter what genre or medium we're writing about.

Update your bookmarks accordingly and watch this space...


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