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Comic Book Arrivals 28 September 2022

Sept 27, 2022

DC COMICS: Action Comics #1047 £4.50 Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5 £4.50 Batman: Fortress #5 (of 8) £3.70 Batman: The Audio Adventures ...

Comic Book Arrivals 21 September 2022

Sept 20, 2022

A slight delay with this week's list but hopefully comics should be in store in good time on Wednesday for New Comic Book Day. Here'...

Comic Book Arrivals 14 September 2022

Sept 12, 2022

DARK HORSE: Castle Full of Blackbirds #1 (of 4) £3.70 Maskerade #1 (of 4) £3.70 Overwatch: New Blood #3 (of 5) £3.70 DC COMICS: Batgirls #10...

Comic Book Arrivals 08 September 2022

Sept 7, 2022

A day late, it's true, but not one single cent short of a fantastic line up of comics for our esteemed readers' delectation - here&#...

Comic Book Arrivals 31 August 2022

Aug 30, 2022

Another bank holiday puts us ever so slightly behind schedule here in the UK but the good news is, new comics should be here for Wednesday! ...

Comic Book Arrivals 24 August 2022

Aug 23, 2022

August is cracking along at a fair pace and it's already time for another list of new releases...  Don't forget, if Paradox Comics i...

Comic Book Arrivals 16 August 2022

Aug 16, 2022

This week's delivery bring another fine selection of comics for us to quietly peruse - well, what else would you be doing on these lazy ...

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